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APex Series

The Apex Series utilise well proven engineering structures coupled with advance CNC machining and computer aided simulation techniques, while ignoring production time considerations to push the limits of optimisation and precision.

This enables us to create the stiffest and lightest structure that represents a true evolution in wheel performance.

Made for pure performance where form follows function, these wheels are designed to be the best in the industry. Your ride aesthetics and performance will be distinguished from the rest of the crowd.

Advanced series

The Advanced Series is characterised by light-weighting undercuts, I-beaming, C-channelling, reverse spoke cuts and may include spoke tapering. These 5-Axis techniques allow for a lighter wheel and more complex designs.

These rims exceed performance of most incumbent Japanese forged rims in the market that do not employ full CNC machining.

These are best suited for enthusiasts that desire a lighter wheel (as low as 7.2 kg for 18”) that is a cut above standard forged wheels available in the market. 

ASCendant Series

The Ascendant Series is developed to be stronger and lighter than stock or OEM rims. An 18x8.5 rim from the Ascendant Series weighs only around 7.75 kg per rim. The rims are designed to be extremely strong and tailored-made for road blast and track days.

Take a leap into the world of forged rims and experience the benefits of forged technology with cost-effective means and astonishing value.

We also provide customised solutions that can be custom built to your design and car specifications. If you are looking for a forged design that is not in our product page, do drop us an enquiry.



We have full control technology implementation, quality and customisation without any constrains and restrictions inherently imposed when outsourcing. We utilise the best machinery from all around the world such as Italy, USA, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore to manufacture wheels without compromise.



Our wheels are designed to be extremely light and strong using complex engineering structures and concepts such as pocketing, I-beaming, C-channelling, and reverse side tilt machining. 



We can provide customised products for your ride that has quality, performance, advance engineering and fitment at a great price.



Enable the use of stock wheel caps.


Perfect bore center diameter.

No more hub rings!


Diameter and width

Need a wider wheel for track tyres? No Problem!


Offset customisable.

Wide body? Flush fitment? Big brake kit clearance? Track setup? We got you covered.


Rough Road. Light track car or heavy tourer.

We can customise wheel strength per application. Why use an over-engineered heavy wheel for a Lotus when weight is everything!